We believe the success and potential of CGIRB has no limit and is driven by the employees and their efforts. We’re looking for dynamic, self-motivated and hard working people to join our mission to protect human subjects.

What’s it like working at CGIRB?

Rachel, APA I – Hired August 2010

CGIRB is a company that really cares about their quality of work. When it comes to protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects, you have to be dedicated to details, customer service, and problem solving. The work we do here isn’t just work, its work that protects the lives of everyday people who enroll as human research subjects. Working at CGIRB has taught me that every person at this company has a role to play and we can’t work without one another. We have a responsibility to each other, to our clients, and the research subjects we’re protecting. I love how motivated and encouraging everyone is here at CGIRB and I’m happy to be a part of a company that is focused on improving the quality of their work for the benefit of others.

David, AD, E-Systems and Product – Hired April 2008

Working at CGIRB allows me to use my experience and knowledge in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where protecting human subjects is the focus of everything we do. There is a real team focus here where new ideas are welcomed, senior leaders are always accessible, and hard work and effort are appreciated. The cutting edge technologies we employ in our paperless environment really put us ahead of the curve; we are more efficient and effective as a result. Everyone at CGIRB contributes in their own way to make it a great place to work!

Ashley – APA I – Hired April 2009

I like the field of clinical research because even though there are risks to clinical trials if well designed and with subject protection it has great potential for benefits. Institutional Review Boards (IRB) has such a key role in protecting human research participants in the current pharma environment where marketplace pressures and competition are increasing. I enjoy being able to work at a company that plays such a vital role in the industry and the protection of subjects. We are able to achieve our mission by working closely together as team; even though we may have different roles the one commonality is subject protection. The team dynamic of CGIRB is one of the many components that make us successful at what we do, in addition to the great leadership and employees that are always looking to the future and how we can make a difference.

How We Work

CGIRB places itself above the rest with its personalized service to clients. Employees facilitate the documentation of the decisions the CGIRB Board renders on each protocol.

  • We address the questions or concerns subjects may have about their participation in research.
  • We communicate the Board’s decisions to the sponsors and investigators participating in the study.
  • We provide clients with quick turnaround, knowledgeable information and competent oversight of the study as it relates to the protection of subjects.
  • We prepare materials for the Board to review.
  • We follow up with clients when the Board needs more information to make a thorough assessment or if they have questions regarding the research.
  • We educate clients on CGIRB’s role in clinical research and the regulations that pertain to human subject protection.


At CGIRB we place value on being able to provide quality service to our clients. We are able to accomplish this by fostering an environment that values diversity and a work/life balance. We are an equal opportunity employer that is committed to recruiting the right candidate for the right job.

Being committed to quality is an important factor in finding a job with CGIRB. Whether you join us with years of prior experience or are at the beginning of your career, our philosophy encourages open, two-way communication across the Company and empowers you to take your career as far as you want to go.

Our compensation, benefits, work/life effectiveness, and health and wellness programs help ensure that your achievement is seen and rewarded in all the ways that matter to you.

Community Involvement

While we work to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects, we also strive to be a trusted and responsible member of the communities in which we work and live. We do this by going beyond the business of human subject protection to give back to our communities.

Our employee driven community group, called Community Connections is focused on their purpose:

  • Give to our local community in RTP and Durham in the form of time, effort, and money.
  • Foster a sense of company pride and increase moral in the employees of CGIRB by coming together to serve others.

Below are some examples of our community involvement:

  • Trash pick-up along Triangle Drive & Highway 54
  • Food drive for the Durham Food bank
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Salvation Army Angel Tree program