Translation Services

You may request a translated subject information and consent form or any additional documents such as the Subject Diary, Instructions, Medicine Label, or Subject Recruitment Material. It is your responsibility to notify CGIRB if you think you may require translated documents. Our translation process:

  • Once the study has been approved, we can obtain a quote on the cost for the requested translations.
  • The CGIRB Point of Contact will fax or email this quote to you for your authorization before the translation is done.
  • Once we receive your signed quote back, we fax or email it to our translation service and they begin the actual translation.
  • This process usually takes about 2 weeks to complete. Then we can send the translated information to any PI who has requested it on their CGIRB Investigator Site Questionnaire (see forms).
  • We will keep the original Translation Certificate on file and only if requested will we send a copy of this certificate to the sponsor or CRO.
  • To request information regarding our fees, please see our Fee Schedule Request.