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Paperless Submission Process

Learn more about Connexus, CGIRB’s award-winning e-document management system. Connexus allows users to submit documents electronically in a secure, validated system that provides 24/7 access to all IRB documentation as well as real-time status updates on all submissions.

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Commitment to Excellence

After your study has been submitted we continue to provide you with superior guidance and service as we work diligently to fulfill our commitment to excellence. We understand that each study may have specific issues associated with it and we pride ourselves on offering individualized attention to these specific details as we implement the following procedure with each new study by conducting a study initiation call in which we:

  • Establish Initial Study Expectations
  • Review Basic Processes
    • New PI Approval Process
    • What is needed for New Principal Investigators
    • Unanticipated Problem Process
    • IND Safety Reports Process
    • Advertising Guidelines
    • Translation Service Process
    • Continuing Review Process
  • Answer any questions and document any special requirements before the study is initiated
  • Frequent follow up to revisit initial study expectations for effectiveness and to resolve any outstanding issues