Copernicus Group Independent Review Board® (CGIRB) was founded in 1996 on the principle that quality must never be sacrificed to speed. To maintain industry-leading turnaround times while driving a continuous cycle of quality improvement, CGIRB has adopted systems and processes that drive unparalleled efficiency and compliance.

In fact, CGIRB was the first independent review board to achieve certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a product of its rigorous quality management systems.

Relentless in its pursuit of efficiency, CGIRB is organized to meet the demands of industry, consistently delivering the most streamlined and highest quality review services to its clients.


Today, CGIRB is the foremost provider of high-quality ethical review services to all major sponsors, ranging from large pharmaceutical corporations and device manufacturers to small and growing biotechnology companies, as well as the leading contract research organizations (CROs). We have vast experience in the review of FDA and OHRP regulated studies, Phase I-IV drug studies in all therapeutic areas, as well as device, biologic, observational, registry, and social-behavioral studies.

At CGIRB, we uphold the principles of quality, efficiency, and reliability, and are steadfast and unwavering in support of our clients. We are protectors and leaders. We are CGIRB.