Investigators conducting human subjects research should read Investigator Obligations to ensure that they understand their responsibilities as clinical research investigators.

CGIRB encourages investigators to adhere to the highest standards of human subject protection when conducting clinical studies. Towards that end, we have compiled a list of resources to help investigators better understand the responsibilities involved with clinical trials and the role IRBs play in the process.


Today’s clinical research enterprise reflects a decades-long effort to continually raise the bar for research ethics, safety, and quality. This effort has its roots in the Nuremberg Code, Declaration of Helsinki, and Belmont Report, three documents that set forth the guiding principles for research involving human participants.

Together, the Nuremberg Code, Declaration of Helsinki, and Belmont Report underscore the research community’s determination to prevent the mistakes and abuses of the past. Equally important, the documents call for an unwavering commitment to maintain high standards to protect participants and strengthen public trust and confidence in research.

Research Responsibilities

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