At CGIRB, we believe that there is
no substitute for deep industry expertise.

With decades of experience in the clinical research industry, we are wired into the very circles where regulatory policy decisions are made, cutting-edge research is performed, and ethical opinions are shaped.

What we learn from our connectedness is translated into our operations, communications, and service. Our sponsor and CRO clients enjoy unfettered access to the most current thinking and best practices in human research protections, empowering them to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to their performance of clinical trials.

CGIRB Services for Sponsors and CROs

  • The only ethical solutions provider to offer a streamlined, unified Single Review Solution™ (SRS) process for all sites involved in a clinical trial.
  • Employs and retains the leading experts in every major clinical specialty, enabling us to provide highly specialized review services in the therapeutic areas to which most research funding is directed.
  • Focuses on making our clients successful while preserving the highest standards of ethics, quality, and regulatory compliance. Our unique services include expert guidance in risk reduction and human subject protection.
  • Helps clients carefully balance business obligations with humanitarian imperatives. We provide solutions that reduce inefficiency and accelerate progress, while ensuring ethical standards that are above reproach.

Discover the Power of One.

Our organization is the only ethical solutions provider to offer a streamlined, unified Single Review Solution for all sites involved in a clinical trial. Whether sites are private, central, or institutionally based, each is reviewed under one Institutional Review Board umbrella using our proprietary SRS process.

Among its many advantages, SRS allows our clients to work with a single IRB, and to manage the IRB review process and its related documentation in one place. The result is a unified, seamless review of the protocol and its associated sites.

The most highly sought-after review in the industry, SRS saves time and money by eliminating redundancies and dramatically reducing administrative burdens in the study start-up process. To date, we have reviewed over 750 studies and more than 10,000 sites using SRS. Since its launch in 2013, SRS has become the default central IRB solution for the leading sponsors and CROs.

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